Going to California

by Matt Brown

For the last few weeks we’ve been holding back on some big news. Coming later this month, Tiff and I will be leaving Things That Are Brown and Second & Park to join Facebook as a Communication Designer and a Content Strategist.

To say we’re “excited about the opportunity” wouldn’t do the feeling justice—we’re pumped. Amped.

In the Company of Others

Facebook has some extremely talented people working for them, and more collaboration is something I’ve been craving since I started working as a professional designer. Every time I work in the company of other smart minds, the quality of my work grows immeasurably.

Of course, the decision to leave our companies is bittersweet. We’ve been fortunate to have outstanding clients, many of whom we’ve become close friends with. We’ve also grown tremendously as a result of being entrepreneurs, and take pride in the work we’ve done. It’s been a satisfying ride.


We can’t think of a better time to be at Facebook. We’ve been hankering for more professional interaction. And of course, the work we do there will have a far-reaching impact.

So without further adieu, please join us in a celebratory forearm bash (thank you). Also, if you’re going to be at SXSW 2011, come see us—we’ll both be there with Facebook. You can catch Tiff with the Content Strategy team at Confab 2011 in Minneapolis. Or, you could let us know if you’re in the SF bay area, where we’re moving in just a week.

And finally: The Brown Blog has gone dark while we’ve planned our switch to Facebook, but we’ll pick up where we left off after we move. We won’t be taking on any new client work, but we’ll be back blogging about design & content-related topics shortly.


Sorry, we're not taking on new projects.

We packed up shop in early 2011 to work at Facebook. Tiffani now works at Pinterest and Matt is working on secret projects. To keep up with us, check out the Brown Blog or follow @brownthings and @ticjones!