A family affair.

Things That Are Brown is a web design studio run by
Matt Brown and Tiffani Jones Brown.


Matt Brown

Lead Designer, Founder

Matt’s been designing websites for over 10 years. Before Things That Are Brown, he lead design at SEOmoz, Catylist Real Estate and LTTS.org. Now he’s a Communication Designer at Facebook.


Tiffani Jones Brown

Content Strategist, Principal

Tiffani’s a content strategist and writer. She owns Second and Park, used to work for Facebook and got her MA in philosophy from the University of Chicago. Now she's a Content Strategist at Pinterest.

Sorry, we're not taking on new projects.

We packed up shop in early 2011 to work at Facebook. Tiffani now works at Pinterest and Matt is working on secret projects. To keep up with us, check out the Brown Blog or follow @brownthings and @ticjones!